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SolanoExpress Flying Bus Graphic Square

SolanoExpress Service Improvements

Service changes to SolanoExpress Routes 20, 30, 40, 78 and 90 will take effect July 1, 2018. This Phase 1 service introduces the Blue Line (current Routes 20, 30, 40), the Yellow Line (current Route 78), and the Green Express Line (current Route 90). The new schedules are now availabe on "New Service Plan" tab.   more »


STA Approves 2-Year Budget

The STA Board adopted a two-year budget for FY 2018-19 ($28.32M) and 2019-20 ($39.45M). Both are based on the updated 2-year Overall Work Program adopted by the Board in June.   more »

SCC Trial Poster 3-18

FREE Transit Rides for SCC Students!!

Solano Community College students can ride buses for FREE in Solano County. STA is coordinating with transit operators and SCC to offer reduced fares each semester. An app will be available soon to purchase fares. During this initial trial period, show your SCC Student ID and ride FREE on Vacaville City Coach, FAST and SolTrans local and SolanoExpress buses!!   more »

Taxi Van Nonambulatory

Intercity Paratransit/ Taxi Scrip Phase II Launches in July

Changes to the Intercity Taxi Scrip Program are coming July 2018! A Pre-Paid debit card will take the place of the current paper scrip booklets, and accessible vehicles that will accommodate non-ambulatory riders will be available. Both changes will be phased in beginning with SolTrans, which serves Benicia and Vallejo residents. The remaining cities will follow starting with Dixon Readi-Ride and Rio Vista Delta Breeze, then Fairfield and Suisun Transit and finally Vacaville CityCoach. All ADA eligible residents will be contacted about the changes via direct mail.   more »