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2007 Solano Napa Commuter Info Guide

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Diamond High-Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) Lanes

By using HOV lanes during commute hours, you can zip by traffic and cut your commute time by an average of 30 minutes a day!

To use the HOV lane during commute hours, you must be traveling in a carpool, vanpool or public transit vehicle. Motorcycle riders may also use diamond lanes. During non-commute hours, the lane reverts to general traffic use.

HOV lanes vary in their hours of operation and in the number of people required to use the lane. Check the list below to verify the details for the HOV lane(s) on your commute. Be sure to follow the guidelines, as a violation of the HOV lane use can result in a $271 fine.

Park and Ride Lots

Meet your carpool at a free park and ride lot .
The following is a summary of park and ride lots in Solano County.

Transit Abbreviations:  
VINE = Napa VINE Transit BBS = Benicia Bridge Shuttle (CANCELLED)
VCC = Vacaville City Coach BEN = Benicia Transit
VAL = Vallejo Transit F/S = Fairfield/Suisun Transit
G = Greyhound NA = Not Available


To try an interactive map of Bay Area Park and Ride lots, click here.
City Location Transit Spaces Bikes Lighting
Benicia East Second St & East S St at I-780   15 No Yes
Cordelia Green Valley Rd at I-80   59 No Yes
Dixon Market Lane near Pitt School Rd F/S 89 Yes Yes
Dixon W. B St @ N. Jefferson   114 Yes Yes
Fairfield Magellan near West Texas at Beck St near Transportation Center F/S
640 Yes Yes
Fairfield K-Mart on North Texas near Air Base Highway F/S 55 No Yes
Napa Route 29 at Imola Ave on Golden Gate Dr   76 No Yes
Suisun City Main St at Route 12 F/S
306 Yes Yes
Vacaville Cliffside at Peabody & I-80 G 125 No Yes
Vacaville Davis St at I-80 F/S
250 Yes Yes
Vacaville Bella Vista at I-80   201 Yes Yes
Vacaville Leisure Town Rd at I-80   45 No Yes
Vallejo Benicia Rd at I-80   13 No No
Vallejo Curtola Pkwy and Lemon St at I-80 (NW) BEN
419 Yes Yes
Vallejo Lemon St at Curtola near I-80 (SW) BEN
64 Yes Yes
Vallejo Magazine St at I-80 VAL
19 No Yes
For more information, contact a commute consultant at 1-800-53-KMUTE,

Vanpool Services

Vanpooling is a convenient and affordable alternative for individuals commuting long distances. Solano Napa Commuter Information (SNCI) can help you form or join a vanpool and save hundreds of dollars each month! Vanpools typically carry 7-15 riders that share the cost of maintaining the van.


  • Save time by using HOV lanes
  • Save money with free bridge toll crossing
  • Save wear and tear on your vehicle
  • Avoid the stress of driving alone each day
  • New vanpools can receive empty seat subsidies
  • New back-up drivers can get rewarded with gas cards

SNCI offers incentives for vanpools traveling to, from or through Solano and Napa Counties.

SNCI provides services to help form vanpools and keep them on the road. You can use your own van or we can provide information on how to lease one. A commuter vanpool start-up kit is available at your request which includes state regulations.

Along with SNCI’s incentives, find out if your employer offers commuter incentives.

For additional information on how to start or join a vanpool, contact our Vanpool Consultant, Yolanda Dillinger at 707-427-5102 or

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