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STA Plans

The following plans have been incorporated into the Solano County Comprehensive Transportation Plan:

Solano Travel Safety Plan, Phase I

The 1998 Solano Travel Safety Plan identified high-accident intersections and freeway sections within Solano County.

The 1998 Solano Travel Safty Plan is currently being updated with recent traffic and accident information to provide a new list of potential safety concerns. The Solano Travel Safety Plan - Phase 1 was adopted on July 13, 2005.

Download the
Solano Travel Safety Plan - Phase 1 (1.42 MB)
(Adopted July 13, 2005)

Phase II of the update will focus on safety concerns near schools and downtown areas.


Safe Routes to School (SR2S) Program, (Solano Travel Safety Plan, Phase II)

Download an introductory presentationThe STA's Safe Routes to School (SR2S) Program is intended to improve the safety and increase the popularity of pedestrian and bicycle modes of student travel, by enhancing related infrastructure and programs.

Over the next year, STA will be coordinating an extensive SR2S public input process. This effort will gather input from local agencies, school districts, and the public through walking audits at schools. Local Safe Routes to School Plans will be adopted by each school district and city council. A countywide SR2S Plan will be adopted by the STA Board by December 2007.

For more information, please visit this recently updated website:


Solano Transportation for Livable Communities Plan

The TLC Plan focuses on the relationship between transportation and land uses by supporting and promoting "smart growth" projects in Solano County. Residents can decrease their dependence on automobile by creating communities that offer transportation options and promoting development patterns that foster multi-modal transportation.

Download the Solano TLC Plan (11.5 MB)
(Adopted October 13, 2004)

For more information, try the Solano Transportation Authority Transportation For Livable Communities (TLC) Program page.


Jepson Parkway Concept Plan

The Jepson Parkway Concept Plan encourages the linkage between transportation and land use by developing a multi-modal corridor that supports transit and provides guidelines so the four communities on the parkway can build in an integrated fashion.

Download the complete
Jepson Parkway Concept Plan (10.5 MB)
Executive Summary (1.5 MB)


Click on the image for a concept plan map.

The Concept Plan is divided into five elements:

Information regarding the construction of the Jepson Parkway can be found on the STA Projects webpage.

North Connector Transportation for Livable Communities (TLC) Concept Plan

The draft North Connector Transportation for Livable Communities (TLC) Concept Plan is available for public comment. The draft Plan can be downloaded at the link provided below. The Solano Transportation Authority is accepting comments on the draft plan until Friday, October 12th, 2007. The TLC Corridor Concept Plan includes design improvements with TLC concepts, such as alternative modes connections (i.e. bicycle and pedestrian facilities), that provide links to residential, employment, civic and retail land uses throughout the North Connector corridor (between Abernathy Road and SR 12/Jameson Canyon in the western section of Cordelia).

Download the complete
North Connector TLC Concept Plan (4.99 MB)
North Connector TLC Concept Plan Fact Sheet (231 KB)
North Connector Powerpoint Presentation (2.63 MB)

North Connector TLC Concept Plan Fact Sheet
For questions regarding the North Connector TLC Concept Plan, please contact Robert Guerrero, Senior Planner at 707.424.6014 or

Solano Countywide Bicycle Plan

The Solano Countywide Bicycle Plan encourages the development of a unified bicycle system throughout Solano County, with an emphasis on a network that supports everyday bicycle travel.

The bicycle plan outlines a proposed bicycle system and prioritizes federal, state, and regional funding for those projects. It is hoped that each member jurisdiction of the STA will incorporate the plan's recommendations into their local planning policies.

Download the 2004 Solano Countywide Bicycle Plan
(5.73 MB)

or the Executive Summary (1.6 MB)
(Adopted June 9, 2004)

The Plan is currently being updated. Below are the sections of the Plan that have been adopted by the STA Board as of March 2010:


Solano Yolo BikeLinks Map

2009 BikeLinks MapThis map encourages residents and visitors to bicycle by designating the suitability and comfort of many of the roads in Solano County.

Download the 2009 Solano Yolo BikeLinks Map (11.3 MB pdf).


Solano Countywide Pedestrian Plan

The goal of the Pedestrian Plan is to encourage and support walking as a means of transportation in Solano County.

The plan develops an overall vision and systematic plan for accommodating pedestrians in urban areas based on current shared policies, principles, and criteria. The plan highlights current and potential projects to fulfill this vision.

Download the
Solano Countywide Pedestrian Plan
(6.2 MB)
or the Executive Summary (4.7 MB)
(Adopted October 13, 2004)

Download the separated 11x17 figures (11.2 MB) of the Solano Countywide Pedestrian Plan:

2.2 - Countywide Pedestrian Plan Overview Map
6.2 - Benicia Pedestrian Projects, Routes, and Destinations
6.3 - Vallejo Pedestrian Projects, Routes, and Destinations
6.4 - Fairfield / Suisun Pedestrian Projects, Routes, and Destinations
6.7 - Vacaville Pedestrian Projects, Routes, and Destinations
* Dixon's and Rio Vista's "Pedestrian Projects, Routes, and Destinations" maps are in the main document.

The Plan is currently being updated. Below are the sections of the Plan that have been adopted by the STA Board to date (March 2010):

The STA was awarded "Outstanding Planning: Planning Implementation - Large Jurisdiction" by the Northern California American Planning Association for the Solano Countywide Pedestrian Plan.



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