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Dixon West B Street Bicycle and Pedestrian Undercrossing

Groundbreaking Held August 8, 2013

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Project Description & Scope

The City of Dixon's West B Street bicycle/pedestrian crossing is located between N. Jackson Street and N. Jefferson Street in close proximity to Dixon's downtown, Anderson Elementary School and adjacent residential areas.  Although there are three at-grade crossings connecting residents to Dixon's downtown, West B Street is the only Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR) approved crossing for pedestrians.  UPRR granted an easement at West B Street and paved the crossing to allow pedestrian and bicycle access.  The two other at-grade crossings accessing Dixon's downtown are at West A Street and First Street (SR 113).  Both streets were granted easements across the railroad tracks for vehicles only and do not have sidewalks at this time.

The rail line accommodates 32 Capitol Corridor passenger trains and 6-12 daily freight trains that cross the West B Street pedestrian path on a daily basis.  More than 300 pedestrian and bicyclists also use this facility on a daily basis.  The majority of users are school children that cross the railroad tracks twice per day.  The City of Dixon has developed a plan to underground the West B Street pedestrian crossing to address the current at-grade crossing safety issues. 

The STA is partnering with the City of Dixon to advance the West B Street pedestrian/bicycle undercrossing by 2013.  The project will replace the existing at-grade pedestrian/bicycle railroad crossing with a grade separated pedestrian undercrossing.  The construction of an underpass will allow pedestrians and bicyclists to safely cross UPRR to access other parts of the City or the proposed Intermodal Facility.  The project is being advanced as a result of recent fatalities.

Project Location & Photos

West B Street Location Map

West B Existing 1     West B Existing 2

Project Funding 

The estimated cost to complete the West B Street Undercrossing project is $6.7 million. 

The project is identified as a top priority project in the Solano Rail Crossing Plan and Solano Transportation Authority's (STA) Solano Countywide Bicycle and Pedestrian Plans as well as the Solano Safe Routes to School Plan.  As a result, the STA Board approved it for Eastern Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality (ECMAQ) Program Funds which was later swapped for Transportation Development Act (TDA) Article 4/8 funds with the City of Vacaville for a total of $975,000.  In addition, the STA also committed $195,000 from TDA Article 3 funds for allocation in FY 2012-13 for a total of $1.17 million to assist in attracting other grants and funding opportunities.

A recommended funding strategy was also approved by the STA Board in April 2011 for the project.  The funding strategy included $4.949 million of combined committed and anticipated discretionary funding to be dedicated toward the project. 

Project Bid Results

On March 22, 2013, STA advertised a construction contract for the West B Street Pedestrian & Bicycle Undercrossing Project in the City of Dixon.  On April 19, 2013 the bids were opened at the STA Offices in Suisun City.  Three bids were received and all companies who submitted bids were present at the bid opening. Click here for bid results.