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STA Board Workshop June 27, 2011

The STA Board held a workshop on June 27, 2011 to review and discuss seven key topic areas. A summary of the comments made at the workshop were presented at the July 13th Board meeting.  Recommendations and action items are scheduled for consideration by the STA Board on September 14, 2011.

Workshop Item/Staff Report

PowerPoint Presentation

A. The Status of Solano County's Comprehensive Transportation System  
B. STA Priorities for SR 12 Corridor - Funding, 2 Lanes versus 4 Lanes, Rio Vista Bridge, and Economic Analysis B - SR 12 Priorities
C. Implementation on I-80 Corridor - Express Lanes, Freeway Performance Initiative and Ramp Metering C - I-80 Implementation
D. Opportunities for Public Private Partnerships D - Public Private Partnerships
E. Solano County Transit Long Range Sustainability E - Transit Sustainability
F. Implementation of Sustainable Communities Strategy - Development of Alternative Fuels Strategy and Infrastructure for Transit F - Sustainable Communities Strategy
G. Funding of Local Priorities - Safe Routes to School, Seniors and People with Disabilities Mobility, and Local Streets and Roads

G - STA-SR2S FY10-11 11-12 Status

G - Seniors & People with Disabilities

G - Local Streets & Roads