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I-80 Traffic Operations System Improvements in Solano County

I-80 Message SignEfforts to address public demand for improved travel have shifted from focusing on providing additional capacity to one of improving the operations of existing transportation infrastructure.  On February 20, 2010, the STA Board approved the Solano Highways Operations Study, which recommends maximizing highway flow using Solano County’s current highway corridor with traffic operations system improvements, such as express lanes & carpool lanes, changeable message signs, closed-circuit television cameras, incident management programs, and ramp metering.

This study was developed under the guidance of the Solano Highways Partnership (SoHIP), a partnership involving all Solano County cities along I-80 as well as the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC), Caltrans, and STA. MTC has dedicated an estimated $55M in regional money to fund various traffic operations system improvements along I-80 in Solano County over the next four years.


Ramp Metering

Caltrans is scheduled to activate ramp metering lights in Solano County on East Bound I-80 on-ramps in the City of Fairfield between Red Top Road to North Texas Street on February 18th, 2014. Ramp metering is used to optimize freeway flow and minimize congestion by installing traffic signals at freeway on-ramps to control the rate of vehicles entering the freeway.

Caltrans Press Release dated February 12, 2014 regarding ramp metering activation.

Caltrans I-80 Solano Corridor Ramp Metering Implementation MapThe Red Top Road to North Texas Street ramp metering activation is the first of three planned activation stages. Stage 2 activation is expected to occur in 2015 and includes on-ramps in both eastbound and westbound directions from Redwood Street in the City of Vallejo to I-505 in the City of Vacaville. Stage 3 activation includes the remaining segments of the I-80 corridor and will be activated as future funding is identified.

The three implementation stages are consistent with the Solano County I-80 Ramp Metering Study and Implementation Plan completed in July 2013. The complete document can be downloaded directly here. You can view/download the presentation made by Caltrans to the STA Board on January 8, 2014 here.

For more information on ramp metering in Solano County, please contact Vince Jacala, Caltrans District 4 Public Affairs at (510) 286-5206.


Where can I find more information?

Download facts sheets or view web pages describing various operations improvements:

Who can I contact if I have questions about highway operations improvements in Solano County?

Janet Adams
STA Director of Projects
(707) 424-6075

Vince Jacala
Caltrans District 4, Public Affairs
(510) 286-5206