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SR 12 East Rio Vista Bridge Relocation Study

Rio Vista Bridge Preliminary Study

The Solano Transportation Authority and the city of Rio Vista have been exploring alternatives for improving long-term transportation mobility on State Route 12 through Rio Vista and across the Sacramento River. The existing Sacramento River Crossing at Rio Vista is a lift bridge that completes a vital link between Interstate 80 and Interstate 5.

The project team is investigating the existing route as well as routes north and south of the airport and a southern corridor along the river bluffs. Operation of the lift bridge causes frequent traffic delays. As the community grows and regional traffic increases, the delays are expected to worsen. Replacement of the lift bridge will eliminate traffic back-ups associated with existing bridge operations.

Public Meeting held February 25, 2010. Download Public Meeting Recap here. Download PowerPoint Presentation here. Download the alternative simulation videos here: Airport Road | Existing Route | Southern.


FACT SHEET Winter 2010



The STA has released the Final Rio Vista Preliminary Bridge Study Report. Links to the report and all attachments are listed below.

SR 12 Rio Vista Bridge Final Study Report September 2010 (741 KB)
SR 12 Rio Vista Bridge Final Study Report Addendum No. 1 September 2010 (23 KB)
Att A - Vicinity Map (125 KB)
Att B - Previously Studied Alternatives Exhibit (664 KB)
Att C - Potential Corridor Alternatives Exhibit (2.5 MB)
Att D - Structure Advanced Planning Study (APS) (3.6 MB)
Att E - Tunnel Design Memorandum (18 MB)
Att F - Cost Estimates (212 KB)
Att G - Preliminary Environmental Study (2.3 MB)
Att H - Traffic Forecasting Memorandum (13.8 MB)
Att I - Hydraulics Analysis Memorandum (2.3 MB)
Att J - Public Comments (7 MB)