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North Connector

The North Connector Project (Project) consists of the construction of two sections of roadway, referred to as the West End and the East End. The purpose of the Project is to create additional east-west capacity north of Interstate 80 (I-80) for local traffic which currently must use I-80.

Download the Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) for the North Connector Project (1-16-08).

Download the Final Environmental Impact Report (FEIR) for the North Connector Project (05-02-2008).

Download the Project Technical Report for the North Connector Project (05-20-2008)

Review North Connector project delivery progress.

General Information


The Solano Transportation Authority (STA) is the Lead Agency for the project under CEQA
and as such has prepared this Environmental Impact Report (EIR), which examines the
potential environmental impacts of the North Connector Project (Project) located in Solano County, California. This document evaluates the Project and examines a reasonable range of Project alternatives. The document includes discussion of the existing environment that could be affected by the Project, the potential impacts that are associated with implementation of the Project, and proposed avoidance, minimization, and/or mitigation measures.

Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) for the North Connector Project

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North Connector Project Delivery Progress

STA Board meeting dates
Item Number and title
Action Summary
May 2008 VIII. A “North Connector Project, Final Environmental Impact Report (FEIR)”

FEIR certified and approved.

IX. A “Approve Final Project Technical Report and North Connector Project”

Authorization to enter into construction contracts for the project not to exceed $23.3M.

Sept. 2008 VIII. G “North Connector Phase 1 Project – Award Construction Contract” Approved $710,000 for the North Connector Project Phase 1, Abernathy/I-80 signalization and roadway improvements, new signals at the 1-80 on and off-ramps along with roadway improvements.
Dec 2008 VIII. G “North Connector Contract Amendment – BKF Engineers” Contract amendment for right-of-way engineering and construction design support services for $220,000.
IX. A “Environmental Mitigation for the North Connector Project” Approved Solano Community College and Valley Elderberry Longhorn Beetle (VELB) mitigation measures.
Jan 2009 VIII. J “North Connector Project Implementation” Requested $18.2M in RM2 bridge toll funding for construction of the East End of the North Connector
May 2009 VII. K “North Connector Project – Contract Amendment for Right of Way Relocation Services”
Approved $30,000 for right-of-way relocation services.
VII. L “North Connector Project Contract Amendment – BKF Engineers” Approved $417,000 for mitigation site & design related services.
VII. M “Contract Award of building Demolition for North Connector Project” Approved $47,700 for a building demolition contract.
June 2009 IX. A “Award of Construction Contract for the North Connector – Phase 2 project”