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Transit and Rail Projects

Train Stations, Ferry Terminals and Transit (Bus) Hubs

STA and its member and partner agencies have built or are planning to build a number of transit stations for rail, ferry and intercity bus services. Train service is provided by the Capitol Corridor Joint Powers Authority. Ferry service is provided by the Vallejo Baylink Ferry system, but will transition to the Water Emergency Transportation Agency (WETA) in the near future. Intercity buses are run by Vallejo Transit and Fairfield And Suisun Transit (FAST).

Hundreds of commuters come to these centers every day, usually by car. In addition, most local bus routes link to the intercity transit services. Because of this, the transit stations are located on or near major local roadways or the state and interstate highway system. Because of the concentration of long-term parking at the transit stations, many also serve as park-and-ride lots. Rail and ferry stations also are served by both local and intercity buses. Below is a list of the existing and planned stations in Solano County that are served the by rail, ferry or intercity bus providers.



  • Vallejo Ferry Terminal (existing)


Fairfield Vacaville Intermodal Station RenderingFairfield/Vacaville Intermodal Station

The Fairfield/Vacaville Intermodal Station project is being developed on property, owned by the City of Fairfield, located at the southeast corner of Peabody Road and Vanden/Cement Hill Road.  The train station will serve as a convenient stop for Fairfield and Vacaville residents using the Capitol Corridor.  The Fairfield/Vacaville Train Station is a key component to the Fairfield Train Station Specific Plan, which promotes a pedestrian-oriented, multi-modal, and mixed-use community. Link to Fairfield's train station webpage

The STA has partnered with the Cities of Fairfield and Vacaville to secure the funding for Fairfield Mayor Harry Price at Groundbreakingthis important regional project.  The City of Fairfield is the lead agency for delivery of the project, and the City of Vacaville will share the local portion of the construction cost and operation costs when the station goes into service in 2017.  On May 14, 2014, the STA Board approved an updated funding agreement between STA, Fairfield, and Vacaville for the construction of the Fairfield/Vacaville Intermodal Station. 

On May 29, 2015, ground was broken on the $78 milion project.  The project will allow Peabody Road to carry more traffic, separate vehicle and pedestrian traffic from rail traffic, reduce traffic on a very congested I-80, and offer another commute option. The project will create an estimated 650 jobs to the local community during construction alone.

On March 11, 2015, the City of Fairfield presented an update to the STA Board on the Fairfield/Vacaville Intermodal Station. Download the presentation here.

Vallejo Transit Center (opened 6-6-11)

The City of Vallejo celebrated the grand opening of the Vallejo Transit Center in downtown Vallejo on June 6, 2011, marking an important milestone in the development of the Vallejo Station Intermodal Facility.  The new bus terminal is the first phase of the transit orientated development envisioned in the City's Waterfront and Downtown Specific Plans.

This project included the relocation and improvement of the City's existing downtown bus transfer center as well as construction of a Transportation Administration Building that houses ticket agents, public restrooms, security and an operator's break room.   The Vallejo Transit Center will provide a central and secure bus transfer center for an estimated 1.4 Million riders annually of the Vallejo Transit and other connecting transit systems. 

Vallejo Transit Center Ribbon Cutting 6-6-11The transit center will be home to the recently formed transit agency, SolTrans, which consolidated transit services of the cities of Vallejo and Benicia.  Upon completion of the remaining phases of the Vallejo Station Project, the existing ferry parking will be consolidated into a parking structure with a pedestrian paseo connecting this downtown bus terminal to the ferry terminal.

The Vallejo Transit Center Fact Sheet provides photos and more details on project features, funding and costs.

The Vallejo Station Intermodal Facility website (City of Vallejo) has overall information on this larger project.

City of Vallejo Press Release announcing VTC ribbon cutting 6-6-11.

Vacaville Intermodal Station

Vacaville Intermodal Station Dedication March 2011The Vacaville Intermodal Station, located at the corner of Ulatis and Allison Drive, officially opened on March 10, 2011.  The project includes 245 parking stalls, of which 20 will be reserved for vanpool parking and 7 for Americans with Disabilities (ADA) accessible parking.  There are 32 stalls that are large enough to be converted from standard parking to "vanpool" parking if there is a need in the future.  

All of the electrical needs of the station are met by the photovoltaic system that was installed during construction of the project.  The photovoltaic panels are installed on the roofs of the pedestrian shelters and the restroom.   The City of Vacaville plans to install electric vehicle charging stations at the site during 2011.

The bus routes to and from the station include:  

Vacaville Intermodal StationAll Vacaville City Coach Routes

Yolo-Solano Transit

Solano Express Intercity 

   *Route 20 serving Fairfield and Vacaville

   *Route 30 serving Fairfield, Vacaville, Dixon, Davis and Sacramento 

   *Route 40 serving Fairfield, Vacaville and the BART stations at Walnut Creek and Pleasant Hill

More details regarding bus routes and schedules can be found through the following link: Vacaville City Coach