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Mobility Management Plan

Since July 2012, STA has been working with consultants to develop a Mobility Management Plan for Solano County. The development of a Mobility Management Plan was identified in the 2011 Solano Transportation Study for Seniors and People with Disabilities as a priority strategy to assist seniors, people with disabilities, and low income and transit dependent individuals with their transportation needs. The STA Board approved the final Mobility Management Plan on April 10, 2014. The Solano Mobility Management Plan identifies existing services and programs, explores potential partnerships, and analyzes how to address mobility needs in Solano County in a cost effective manner.

Mobility Management Plan 3-6-14 CoverThe Solano Mobility Management Plan addresses four key elements to assist seniors, people with disabilities, and low income and transit dependent individuals with their transportation needs. These four elements are:

• One Stop Transportation Call Center/Complementary Website
• Travel Training/Ambassador Program
• Countywide In-Person ADA Eligibility and Certification Process
• Older Driver Safety Information.

All of these strategies were included in the scope of work for the Solano Mobility Management Program and were identified as priorities in the Senior and People with Disabilities Study. These four elements were presented to the Solano Seniors and People with Disabilities Transportation Advisory Committee, the Paratransit Coordinating Council (PCC), the Intercity Transit Consortium, the STA Board and the Senior Coalition.

Starting July 1, 2013, STA and the Solano County transit operators launched a NEW Countywide In-Person ADA Eligibility Program.  Learn more about the ADA Eligibility Program.

Solano Mobility LogoSTA created a dedicated website in 2014 called Solano Mobility where information is presented in a user-friendly interface.  All four elements of the Solano Mobility Management Plan can be found on this website.  It is a one-stop resource (along with the Mobility Call Center 800-535-6683) for getting around Solano County and beyond.  While this information is particularly geared towards seniors, people with disabilities and low-income individuals, it is useful for everyone!


Consolidated Transportation Service Agency (CTSA)

Mobility Travel Training

 Mom with Stroller Boarding SolTrans Bus

The STA Board acted at its June 2014 Board meeting to seek designation as a Consolidated Transportation Services Agency (CTSA) for Solano County. CTSA designation is anticipated to result in additional resources becoming available to Solano County that may be used to sustain current services and implement new services and programs to improve mobility for the increasing senior population as well as people with disabilities and the low-income of all ages. To address the transportation needs of these groups, CTSAs often create transportation service partnerships among various non-profit and public social services as well as private entities. A CTSA aims to improve mobility for individuals using a range of transportation services and programs to best meet the need for each individual.

Download the CTSA Designation STA Board Staff Report 06-11-14 (50 kb PDF)

Download the CTSA Designation Proposal STA Board 06-11-14 (20 kb PDF)

Download the CTSA PowerPoint STA Board 06-11-14 (972 kb PDF)



Solano Transportation Study for Seniors & People with Disabilities

Senior & People with Disabilities Transportation Study 2011Solano County's population of seniors (65 and older) is projected to double in the next 25 years.  In 2010, Solano's 55,600 seniors represented over 10% of Solano's population.  In 2035, 22% of Solano's population is projected to be seniors and half of these 110,000 seniors will be over 75 years old. As individuals age, a significant number restrict their driving in all or part.  Many will also be disabled by the Americans for Disabilities Act (ADA) definition and unable to use fixed-route public transit.  Two-thirds of individuals certified as ADA eligible in Solano County are 65 or older.  Like many other counties, a range of strategies will be needed to sustain mobility for Solano's increasing aging population.

A consultant was retained by STA to prepare the first update of the Solano Transportation Study for Seniors and People with Disabilities.  This study is a long-range planning document that has been prepared to identify the near and long-term transportation needs and the potential strategies to address the needs of seniors and people with disabilities in Solano County.  The first Transportation Study for Seniors and People with Disabilities was completed in 2004 as an adjunct study to the original Comprehensive Transportation Plan (CTP).  The CTP is in the process of being updated in 2012 and mobility for seniors and people with disabilities remains a key concern that will need to be addressed in the future.

STA staff and consultants collaborated with the various committees to develop this study to ensure it is comprehensive in addressing the mobility needs and the existing transportation options.  The study also did extensive community outreach and recommends how to implement the mobility strategies.  To identify the characteristics of Solano's senior and disabled population and their needs, the study included a large amount of public outreach.  Twenty-five (25) focus groups were held throughout the county and nearly 1,000 surveys were received.   The results are presented in full in the report and summarized in the report's Executive Summary.

Solano Seniors & People with Disabilities Transportation Guide

Senior & Disabled Transportation GuideA Solano Senior & People with Disabilities Transportation Guide was introduced at the Summit.  The guide lists information for Fixed-route Transit, Paratransit Service and Reduced-Fare Taxi, as well as other transportation programs and coordinated services offered in Solano County for seniors and the disabled.

Solano Senior & People with Disabilities Transportation Guide- revised April 2016

Video explaining the Senior & People with Disabilities Transportation Guide

Senior Mobility ImageThe STA Board formed a new Advisory Committee in December 2009 consisting of a variety of stakeholders in the senior and disabled community. The Committee’s purpose is to provide a countywide forum for coordination and funding of senior and disabled transportation services.

STA Advisory Committee for Senior & People with Disabilities Transportation: Purpose & Membership

Senior & People with Disabilities Transportation Advisory Committee Roster and Agendas

Anyone interested in serving on this committee should email


Taxi ScripThe Intercity Taxi Scrip Program proposed at Summit II began its first phase in February, 2010. For ADA paratransit certified, ambulatory residents, the program provides 24-hour on-call service between cities in Solano County for only 15% of the regular taxi fare. As funding and resources become available, the program will be evaluating options to include non-ambulatory services.

For further information about Solano's Intercity Taxi Scrip Program, contact the transit operator in your local community or Solano Mobility Call Center at (800) 535-6883 or

For further information on transportation services for Solano's senior and people with disabilities community, contact Philip Kamhi, STA Transit Program Manager, who can be reached at, or 707-424-6075.