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Comprehensive Plans

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MTC's Plan Bay Area (RTP) 

PlanThe Metropolitan Transportation Commission’s (MTC) Plan Bay Area is the 9-county Bay Area's long-range regional transportation plan (RTP), and any project that is funded in part by federal or state funds must be listed in the Plan Bay Area.

The Final Plan Bay Area is scheduled to be heard at the Joint MTC Planning Committee with the Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG) Administrative Committee on Friday, July 14, 2017 starting at 9:30 a.m. If approved, the plan will go to the full Metropolitan Transportation Commission for final approval on July 26, 2017.  

Meeting location and a link to view the July 14, 2017 meeting live online can be found on the MTC website here:


The Solano Comprehensive Transportation Plan 

SolanoPlease visit this page to view information on the current 2015 CTP "Solano 2040" Update.

The STA's Comprehensive Transportation Plan for Solano County envisions, directs, and prioritizes the transportation needs of Solano County. The CTP incorporates various STA studies and plans into a 25-year planning document.

The CTP 2030 was adopted by the STA Board of Directors on June 8th, 2005.

Questions or comments may be submitted by email to, or by telephone to Robert Guerrero at (707) 424-6075.

2005 CTP 2030

Three CTP 2030 Elements incorporate their respective studies and plans into the CTP 2030:

Download the CTP 2030 Executive Summary & Table of Contents (0.5 MB)

Arterials, Highways and Freeways Element

The goal of this element is to develop a balanced transportation system that reduces congestion and improves access and travel choices through the enhancement of roads.

This element describes the existing and future needs for the major arterials, highways, and freeways in Solano. Identified through comprehensive outreach efforts and studies are specific local and regional improvement needs, costs, and available funding information for use by decision makers gauging potential funding shortfalls.

Download the Arterials, Highways and Freeways Element of the CTP 2030 (2.2 MB).

Incoporated Studies and Plans:

Transit Element

The goal of this element is to develop a Comprehensive Transit System for buses, rail and ferries to meet future demand.

If given adequate funding, the Transit Element proposes to double the number of daily transit trips in 25 years. It does this by expanding the coverage of service, increasing frequencies, improving the quality of service and enhancing access to various transit services such as intercity bus, commuter rail, baylink ferry, and paratransit.

These improvements are proposed to increase daily ridership of intercity transit services from 6,000 today to approximately 12,000 by year 2030.

Download the Transit Element of the CTP 2030 (1.8 MB).

Incorporated Studies and Plans:

Active Transportation (Alternative Modes) Element

The goal of this element is to emphasize that alternative transportation modes are an integral part of travel and commuting in Solano County by implementing and maintaining a transportation system that provides for transit integration and ensuring that alternative modes are convenient, safe, efficient, and cost effective.

This element focuses on a wide range of active transportation proposals from ridesharing to bike routes, pedestrian trails, downtown revitalization projects and related transportation for livable community/enhancement projects, and alternative fuels infrastructure.

This Alternative Modes Element is intended to be innovative with regard to encouraging alternative modes of transportation and proactive by supporting a set of projects and programs, that when developed will meet the goals of this element and the CTP 2030. In recent years, STA member jurisdictions have made substantial progress in encouraging the use of alternative transportation modes.

Download the Active Transportation (Alternative Modes) Element of the CTP 2030 (2.8 MB).

Incoporated Studies and Plans:

Solano Congestion Management Program (CMP)

As the Congestion Management Agency (CMA) for Solano County, the STA is responsible for running a Congestion Management Program (CMP), which aims to maintain a high level of transportation system operations by requiring an analysis of the effects of congestion and land use decisions on the transportation system and coordinating mitigation of the impacts to the system countywide.

Download the 2015 Solano Congestion Management Program (CMP)

Download the 2013 Solano Congestion Management Program (CMP) document (1.4mb pdf)

Download the 2011 Solano Congestion Management Program (CMP) document (1.52mb pdf) 

Download the 2009 Solano Congestion Management Program (CMP) document (1.94mb pdf)

Download the 2007 Solano Congestion Management Program (CMP) document (3.6mb pdf)

Download the 2007 CMP Level of Service (LOS) Report Form and Inventory (Word, 212kb)

Staff Contact: Robert Guerrero, STA (707) 424-3211