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Work Plans, Newsletter, Annual Report

Work Plans

STA Overall Workplan

Each year, the Solano Transportation Authority (STA) Board identifies and updates its priority projects. Public input is provided through the STA's public Board meetings.  Staff and stakeholder input is provided through the STA Technical Advisory Committee, the SolanoExpress Transit Consortium, and the STA's nine Citizen Based Advisory Committees

These priority projects provide the foundation for the STA's overall work plan for the forthcoming two fiscal years.  The STA's list of priority projects coincides with the adoption of its two-year budget. The STA Overall Work Plan (OWP) for FY 2017-18 and FY 2018-19 adopted on June 14, 2017 includes a list of 47 priority projects, plans and programs. 

Overall Work Plan FY 2016-17 Major Milestones
Overall Work Plan FY 2017-18 Staff Report 6-14-17

Overall Work Plan for FY 2017-18 and FY 2018-19
Overall Work Plan PowerPoint for FY 2017-18


STATUS Newsletters

STATUS Newsletter

The STATUS newsletter is published monthly after the STA Board meeting to inform the public and our stakeholders of what's happening in the transportation arena in Solano County. Please sign up here to receive this newsletter directly in your inbox .



STA Annual Reports


          2016 STA Annual Report Cover



2016 STA Annual Report

Achievements from the STA Projects, Planning and Programs Departments are highlighted in this report for 2016, including Fiscal Reports for year 2016-2017.

You can download a printable version here.






25th Anniversary Edition STA Annual Report (2015)

STA celebrated its 25th year as a joint powers authority last year. Highlights from the past 25 years as well as an overview of 2015 transportation accomplishments can be viewed online. A printable version of the 25th STA Annual Report is availabe for download.